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Johan studied classical saxophone at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. 

Did masterclasess wth Frederick Hemke, André Beun,  Jean Marie Londiex, Iwan Roth, Daniel Deffayet and François Daneels. He was primarius of the world famous Aurelia Saxophone Quartet from 1982 till 2013. For  the Aurelia he wrote many arrangements and recieved many prices. In 1988, the Aurelia’'''s won the ‘Edison Klassiek’ ,  a prestigious price for the best CD recording of  that year. 


He is  a member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble. As a freelance musician he works frequently with Dutch Orchestra'"s , Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. As a soloist he premiered a lot of saxophone concerto’'s.

From 1982 till 1990 he was a member of the Royal Military Band(KMK) in The Hague.

The "Lind’n Kelder" duo is an new initiative. This duo with pianist Henry Kelder is specialized in new music for saxophone and piano. In this perspective they organized a concourse for composers, IACC.  This duo has a big repertoire with music specially written for them.

Together  with his colleges of the  Aurelia he wrote a method for saxophone . He is a freelance soloist and playing in all kind chamber music ensembles. Professor of saxophone at the Artez  Conservatory in Zwolle and the Hku in Utrecht . 


Johan is a composer and arranger, his music is published by; Global Music Facilities ,Tierloff Muziekcentrale , Molenaar, Tottomusik, Matchingarts edition and Donemus .

Splendor Amsterdam  A collective of musicians, composers, writers and other artists all with a track record in presenting special programs and searching for the public, has a plan. They want to invest in a place where unbridled experimentation and can betried, where things can be done anywhere else that have a place where artists meet and inspire their audience and what the public wants to go to listen and meet people.A place to meet, to dream, to share, to work, to experiment and create. We call it; Splendor.

Johan is also a member of the Live/Banda, Masters of Play and the Paradiso Orchestra.

Johan is endorser for Selmer saxophones. Silverstein Ligatures and D’Addario Reeds